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Slurry Wall Educational Video

by Admin 27. March 2013 08:56

Slurry Wall

Continuing Education Video

Slurry Trench Wall Hydraulic Barrier Application video on the design and construction of slurry walls developed at the University of Texas at Austin, sponsored by Remedial Construction Services, L.P. and Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers. This video provides an overview and history of the slurry wall geotechnical construction technology which is used to provide solutions to groundwater control issues.

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Technology Overview

Auger Cast Piles are installed by rotating a continuously flighted hollow shaft auger into the soil to a specified depth. High strength cement grout is pumped under pressure through the hollow shaft as the auger is slowly withdrawn. The resulting grout column hardens and forms an auger cast pile. Reinforcing, when required, can be installed while the cement grout is still fluid, or in the case of full length single reinforcing bars, through the hollow shaft of the auger prior to the withdrawal and grouting process.  more >>>